Water Walker - Sales Discontinued:

Effective January 1, 2016 Aquatic Therapy has discontinued the sales of the Water Walker Product. It was not an easy decision, but we are no longer able to dedicate the time or the energy needed to continue the business.

The Water Walker was created and patented in 1990 by Kimberly Packer-Mulka.  Packer-Mulka had a M.S. degree adapted physical education, and the physiology of exercise who started a business specializing in Aquatic therapy. In 1994 she was awarded National Therapist of the Year by the AMBUC's association.

Kimberly invented the product to give individuals with disabilities with significant mobility impairments the freedom to be in the water. 

Kimberly passed away in 1999 at the age of 40. We continued the business in her memory for the past 17 years. We were able to continue this business with the help of a dear person, Neta Chappel, who served as the Manager of the business for 15 years. Neta was a former Aquatic Therapy client who did it out of her respect and love for Kimberly. Unfortunately Neta retired from the business in December 2014.

We continued the family business during 2015. However we have come to the conclusion that we can no longer dedicate the necessary resources to continue selling Water Walkers.

We would like to sell the business to a loving compassionate individual who knows firsthand the benefit of the Water Walker. We have a dedicated base of customers that we would like to continue to serve.

If you are interested in buying the business please contact Paul Mulka at mulkap@yahoo.com.

Thanks to all of our customers who have shared their stories on how the Water Walker has benefitted them and their families. Your stories have touched our hearts and we hope in some small way we have made your lives a little easier.

Many Thanks,

Paul Mulka


Provides Independence In The Water

A circular floatation device with attachments that promotes independence and provides individuals with vertical position stability and support during water exercises and activities.

Ideal for people with muscular dystrophy, arthritis, joint replacements, neurological disorders, etc. Also ideal for therapists, because walkers allow working with more than one patient at a time.

To find out more about Water Walker, please click here.

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